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The Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB) holds the largest available collection of references in Egyptology literature and is updated nearly every day. It includes the records and abstracts from Annual Egyptological Bibliography (AEB, 1947-2001), combined with Bibliographie Altägypten (BA, 1822-1946), the Aigyptos database with keywords, and more than 20,000 further items. Coverage is from 1822 to the present. Enhancements are announced as they are introduced. For What’s new see below.

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OEB 237261

   Lazzarini, Lorenzo 2002. La determinazione della provenienza delle pietre decorative usate dai Romani. In De Nuccio, Marilda and Lucrezia Ungaro (eds), I marmi colorati della Roma imperiale, 223-265. Venezia: Marsilio.

OEB 237260

   Del Bufalo, Dario 2002. Notvlae Thebaicae. In De Nuccio, Marilda and Lucrezia Ungaro (eds), I marmi colorati della Roma imperiale, 195-201. Venezia: Marsilio.

OEB 237259

   De Nuccio, Marilda and Lucrezia Ungaro (eds) 2002. I marmi colorati della Roma imperiale. Venezia: Marsilio.

OEB 237253

   Griffiths, J. Gwyn 1939. Review: Buck, Adriaan de 1938. The Egyptian Coffin Texts II: texts of spells 76-163. Oriental Institute Publications 49. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 25 (1), 115-116.

OEB 237255

   Bonnet, H. 1936. Review: Buck, Adriaan de 1935. The Egyptian Coffin Texts I: texts of spells 1-75. Oriental Institute Publications 34. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Orientalistische Literaturzeitung 39 (10), 607-610.

What's new

September 2016: Articles in journals that support 'early view' are now released as soon as they are found. These items are in final form with DOIs; see for example OEB 235069. Records are modified when volume and page information becomes available; DOIs remain the same. Such items are not yet common, but this style of publication is becoming more widespread.

Authors who find that items of theirs do not have abstracts online in OEB are invited to send draft abstracts, as well as keywords, to oebeditor@orinst.ox.ac.uk for inclusion, quoting the relevant OEB record number. Increasing the proportion of records that have abstracts will greatly enhance the usefulness of OEB. Because a high proportion of material received lacks abstracts, it is not possible for OEB staff to add one to every record. Authors are encouraged to remind editors and publishers of the value of abstracts in disseminating their publications.

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