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The Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB) holds the largest available collection of references in Egyptological literature and is updated nearly every day. It includes the records and abstracts from Annual Egyptological Bibliography (AEB, 1947-2001), combined with Bibliographie Altägypten (BA, 1822-1946), the Aigyptos database with keywords, and more than 50,000 further items. Coverage is from 1822 to the present. OEB is a collaboration of the University of Oxford and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. Enhancements are announced as they are introduced. For search tips see the User information tab. For What’s new see below.

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OEB 322936

   Geoga, Margaret 2022. Between literature and history: receptions of poetry in ancient Egypt. Middle Eastern Literatures 25 (2-3), 69-96.

OEB 322934

   Salvolini, François [n.d.]. Analyse grammaticale de différens textes anciens égyptiens: trois volumes in-4o; prospectus. Paris: Dondey-Dupré.

What's new

July 2023: At the 13th International Congress of Egyptologists in Leiden, Francisco Bosch-Puche, Coordinating Editor of the project, is to make a presentation about the OEB on Tuesday 8 August 2023. He will outline progress on the OEB since the Cairo congress of November 2019, present enhancements that are currently under development, and discuss prospects and challenges. Among the latter is the need for participation by the Egyptological community, particularly to increase the number of abstracts and to gain access to items inherited from AEB and BA for their revision. There will be opportunities for discussion, either in the question session or during the congress.

OEB now has more than 173,000 records online, 27,000 more than reported to the Cairo congress, that is, an average of almost 7,000 new records added every year. Editors have processed and released approximately 169,000 records, leaving just over 4,000 inherited from contributing databases that are still to be checked. Records for nearly 900 items bearing the date 2023 are already online.

More than 20,000 relationship links are currently present in the database; the number has doubled since the Cairo congress. Of these, 80% are reviews, all linked to the item reviewed. Work on adapting records in languages that do not use the Latin alphabet continues. Over the last year OEB has been working actively to implement a more efficient way of inputting keywords into the system, as a first step in tidying and reorganising the existing sets of keywords. Once internal consistency is achieved, OEB will be in a position to properly contribute, in collaboration, to the creation of a standardised, broadly applicable, and widely understood lexicon of keywords for Egyptology.

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