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The Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB) holds the largest available collection of references in Egyptological literature and is updated nearly every day. It includes the records and abstracts from Annual Egyptological Bibliography (AEB, 1947-2001), combined with Bibliographie Altägypten (BA, 1822-1946), the Aigyptos database with keywords, and more than 30,000 further items. Coverage is from 1822 to the present. Enhancements are announced as they are introduced. For What’s new see below.

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OEB 265625

   Reinach, A. J. 1911. Review: Alt, Albrecht 1909. Israel und Aegypten: die politischen Beziehungen der Könige von Israel und Juda zu den Pharaonen. Nach den Quellen untersucht. Beiträge zur Wissenschaft vom Alten Testament 6. Leipzig: J. C. Hinrichs.
Revue de l'histoire des religions 64, 360-363.

OEB 265624

   Passarge 1905. Review: Blanckenhorn, Max 1901. Geologie Aegyptens: Führer durch die geologische Vergangenheit Aegyptens von der Steinkohlenperiode bis zur Jetztzeit. Berlin: J. F. Starcke.
Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin 1905 (5), 390-391.

What's new

December 2018: A minor change has been introduced to the OEB interface. The 'Structured search' button is now on the left in all screens (swapped with 'Browse categories'). Structured search is the quickest method to use for the majority of queries, and the new placing highlights its effectiveness.

OEB now includes almost 8000 reviews. Work to introduce a display of relationships between records – reviews, new editions, and similar connections – is ongoing, and the new facility should become available during 2019. Meanwhile, reviews of books and some articles (the latter mostly pre-1947) can be found by adding 'review' to an appropriate search string.

In the last year 8000 records have been added to OEB, for a current total of 141,000. Of these, nearly 7000 were published in 2016-2018. For any recent year OEB now includes more than 3000 records during the three subsequent years.

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